Why Chinese Herbal Soup?


My mom always said Chinese herbal soups help maintain the body’s balance, essentially its yin and yang.  Although the yin and yang are opposite energies, they are also interconnected, complementary and dependent on each other.  An imbalance of yin and yang can cause poor health.  In order to maintain good health, herbal soup is taken. When these energies are out of balance, herbs in the soup can help rise or lower the yin or yang to bring the body back to its proper balance.  Also, having soup is a big part of Chinese culture.  To many, a dinner will not be complete without soup.  It is part of tradition and for me, the ultimate comfort food.

Over time, my mom tried to teach me some herbal soup recipes and to bestow on me the significance of each herb.  Being young and busy with life’s distractions, many of her teachings entered one ear and sadly out the other.  Still, I will try my best to remember what they are, research what I can, and present as much as possible so that this knowledge will neither fade from my memory nor miss being passed onto you.


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