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Dong sum/Goji/Longan/Date Soup

As discussed in previous posts, dong sum, goji berries, dried longan and red dates all have very beneficial health-promoting properties.  Combined together in a soup, they help to promote qi, balance the body’s yin and yang, induce calm, restore sleep, replenish the body’s blood and increase immunity. The following recipe was given to me from… Continue reading Dong sum/Goji/Longan/Date Soup

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Red Dates (红枣)

Red dates (红枣) (scientific name: Ziziphus jujuba), aka jujubes, aka Chinese dates, are also called “the king[s] of nuts” (百果之王) for their high nutritional value.  In addition to smelling sweet and being soft and moist, red dates are regarded as a superfood. Their vitamin C content is 80 times higher than grapes and apples.  They also have an… Continue reading Red Dates (红枣)

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Longan (龍眼)

Longan (龍眼) (scientific name: Dimocarpus longan), aka “Dragon eye”, is a delicious fruit similar to the lychee and rambutan.  Although often eaten fresh and raw, the dried form of longan is used in Chinese soups and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Dried longan is supposed to help in relaxation, revitalize and strengthen the human body.  Therefore, it can help… Continue reading Longan (龍眼)

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Goji Berries (枸杞)

Goji berries (枸杞) (scientific name: Lycium chinense and Lycium barbarum), aka wolfberries, aka lycium fruit, are known by many people as a superfood.  It can nourish the blood, enrich the yin, tonify the kidney and liver, and moisten the lungs. It can also help treat diseases related to thirst such as early-onset diabetes, dizziness, poor vision,… Continue reading Goji Berries (枸杞)

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Dong Sum (黨參)

Dong Sum (黨參) (scientific name: Codonopsis pilosula) is also known as “poor man’s ginseng” because its properties are similar to the more expensive ginseng.  Like ginseng, it has many functions.  It can improve energy, appetite, boost immunity, nourish the blood, lower blood pressure and promote digestion.  In soup making and traditional chinese medicine, the dried root is… Continue reading Dong Sum (黨參)


Why Chinese Herbal Soup?

My mom always said Chinese herbal soups help maintain the body’s balance, essentially its yin and yang.  Although the yin and yang are opposite energies, they are also interconnected, complementary and dependent on each other.  An imbalance of yin and yang can cause poor health.  In order to maintain good health, herbal soup is taken.… Continue reading Why Chinese Herbal Soup?